SQL is my Friend

I think I’m a functional consultant with just enough technical knowledge to make himself very, very dangerous!

I’ve always been in awe of my developer friends and always will be. For many years I thought they practised some form of witchcraft. What you don’t understand always seems like magic, doesn’t it?

After several years of looking over the shoulders of some very patient friends – Ravinder Goyal and Sarath Yeturu, I owe you! – I started to pick little pieces of it up. I still don’t know a fraction of what these guys do, but I do know enough to be able to provide value to a client and I think that’s important. Anyone who can keep an SR moving by running scripts, create some table validated DFF’s and do some Forms Personalizations without having to wait for a developer to be available is more valuable to a client than someone who can’t.

SQL is my Friend is a document that I wrote with Pete Stees of Oracle Consulting. It shows how a functional consultant or BSA can pick up the basic SQL skills and how they might be used in an Oracle Applications context.