Adventures in Lead Times

I was working at my first client, a contract electronics manufacturer, in Ft Lauderdale, FL in the late 90’s and was responsible for implementing MRP. I was trying to figure out why I was getting wierd suggestions from my planning runs and didn’t find the documentation to be very helpful at all.

This was back in the days when Oracle Support was a phone call, not a website and I went on a tear for about a month calling multiple times every day until I could find someone who could answer my questions. Everything I was able to pry from them, or figure out myself ended up in this document, Adventures in Lead Times.

It follows the planning process through Item, BOM and Routing setup, explaining what order modifiers do and how the various lead times are calculated. It shows the effect that all of these have on MRP output. Many years later, I still think it’s a good introduction to the topic.