Non-Reservable, Non-Nettable Locators

This is new functionality in R12 that we’ve been using at my current client. We wanted to create a “Putaway” locator in the stockroom that we could use for WIP job completions. Manufacturing would complete into this locator, then the Stockroom folks could transfer it from there to a more permanent storage. We found that […]

Oracle Project Manufacturing

I’ve been working with Support, Development and Product Management for the last few weeks to clarify some of the functionality around Project Manufacturing and how it integrates with other modules. My client is using Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Work in Process and Inventory in a Project Manufacturing environment. We’ve seen that, by setting the Reservation […]

Enhancement Requests

1. That “Indicate Attachments” profile option – make it “Yes” by default. Who would ever set it to “No”?? 2. I think it would be a great idea if the application was shipped with ALL DFF’s FROZEN. Raise your hand if you’ve gotten five steps into one of the web applications only to get an […]

R12 and IE8

In some cases, I’ve found that Oracle Applications won’t open the forms in IE8. I’ve been able to fix this by going to IE8’s Internet Options> Local Intranet> Sites> Advanced. Add the site for your application instance to the list of sites and you should be good to go.

RVTII-060 Errors

This has to be one of the most useless and annoying messages we run into in Oracle Applications! You get it when you try to do a receipt and the Receiving Transaction Processor doesn’t know how to handle it. I’ve found that it’s possible to troubleshoot the issue without logging an SR. All it takes […]

Oracle jumps into the SaaS market with SaaS Sourcing

Oracle jumps into the SaaS market with SaaS Sourcing | Technology and the Global Supply Chain | Interesting to see that this is Oracle’s first foray into SaaS outside of the Seibel CRM products. Oracle ERP salespeople tended to point customers towards the embedded Sales product; On Demand people touted their product. It will […]

Oracle Applications on Windows 7

My geek nature meant that I had to try Windows 7 Beta on at least one of my computers. I can’t say I was as down on Vista as most people who leave comments online, but 7 seems to be a great leap forward. I like it. Getting the apps to run on Windows 7 […]

Oracle Applications on Windows Vista

I bought a new laptop about a year ago and had Vista installed. I showed up at the client site the following Monday and spent the better part of a day trying to get Oracle to come up. Nothing I tried worked. That night, 3 days after the laptop arrived, I “upgraded to a previous […]

SQL is my Friend

I think I’m a functional consultant with just enough technical knowledge to make himself very, very dangerous! I’ve always been in awe of my developer friends and always will be. For many years I thought they practised some form of witchcraft. What you don’t understand always seems like magic, doesn’t it? After several years of […]

Adventures in Lead Times

I was working at my first client, a contract electronics manufacturer, in Ft Lauderdale, FL in the late 90’s and was responsible for implementing MRP. I was trying to figure out why I was getting wierd suggestions from my planning runs and didn’t find the documentation to be very helpful at all. This was back […]