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Outside Processing Assembly Information on Purchase Order

Oracle’s Outside Processing functionality is really slick – no doubt about it – but it lacks one important element in my opinion. There’s nowhere on the Purchase Order that a buyer can see which assembly the outside processing operation is being performed on. It is possible to have an outside processing item for every assembly that you might send out to a third party, but that gets very cumbersome.

My client sends many different PCBs to a contract manufacturer for rework and we set them up with a single OSP Item for this.

The resulting PO shows the WIP Job number and the Operation Sequence (on the Distribuions page), but not the assembly. There is a field marked “Assembly” on the Distributions window, but I’m told by Support that this is intended for Repetitive Schedules only.

We created a Forms Personalization to get us where we wanted to be.

If a PO is created for Outside Processing:

Our personalization changes the Supplier Item field to an RMA Number field:

Once an RMA Number is entered and the PO is saved, The Note To Supplier field is automatically populated:

This information prints on the hard copy PO, alerting the Vendor to both the process and the assembly on which it is to be performed.

The personalization was straightforward:

The code for the Value in the above screen shot is:

=SELECT ‘RMA ‘||:po_lines.vendor_product_num ||’ for ‘||segment1
FROM mtl_system_items_b
WHERE inventory_item_id =
(SELECT primary_item_id
FROM wip_entities
WHERE wip_entity_id =
(SELECT wip_entity_id
FROM po_distributions_all
WHERE po_header_id = :po_headers.po_header_id
AND rownum        <=1
AND organization_id = :po_headers.ship_to_org_id

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