Non-Reservable, Non-Nettable Locators

This is new functionality in R12 that we’ve been using at my current client. We wanted to create a “Putaway” locator in the stockroom that we could use for WIP job completions. Manufacturing would complete into this locator, then the Stockroom folks could transfer it from there to a more permanent storage.

We found that this worked well, but WIP Pick Release was allocating material from Putaway rather than the permanent storage location, so we wanted to make the Putaway locator non-reservable.

Using the new Material Status Definition form, we created an NRL status as below.

We then created the Putaway locator and assigned it this status.

Should work fine, right? Almost. There’s a “secret” profile option that has to be set before it all comes together:

I’m honestly not sure why this profile option exists. I can’t imagine a situation where a user would create additional material statuses and then not use them. I also can’t understand why Oracle would ship the application with this profile option set to null, and why null is interpreted as No. But that’s how it is…

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