Un-commoning a BOM

Oracle Support tells us (in Note 878976.1) that the system does not support this functionality, although an enhancement request has been logged. We were in a situation where we had no choice but to un-common some BOMs. We found this script to be effective: UPDATE bom_structures_b SET common_organization_id     = NULL , common_assembly_item_id      = NULL , […]

Non-Reservable, Non-Nettable Locators

This is new functionality in R12 that we’ve been using at my current client. We wanted to create a “Putaway” locator in the stockroom that we could use for WIP job completions. Manufacturing would complete into this locator, then the Stockroom folks could transfer it from there to a more permanent storage. We found that […]

Oracle Project Manufacturing

I’ve been working with Support, Development and Product Management for the last few weeks to clarify some of the functionality around Project Manufacturing and how it integrates with other modules. My client is using Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Work in Process and Inventory in a Project Manufacturing environment. We’ve seen that, by setting the Reservation […]