Inventory Purchasing

RVTII-060 Errors


This has to be one of the most useless and annoying messages we run into in Oracle Applications! You get it when you try to do a receipt and the Receiving Transaction Processor doesn’t know how to handle it.

I’ve found that it’s possible to troubleshoot the issue without logging an SR. All it takes is a little bit of help from your friendly DBA.

You’ll need access to the System Administrator responsibility to set the following profile options at the user level:

  1. RCV : Debug Mode = Yes
  2. RCV : Processing Mode = Immediate
  3. FND : Debug Log Enabled = Yes
  4. FND : Debug Log Level = Statement
  5. FND : Debug Log Module = po%
  6. TP: INV: Transaction Processing Mode = Online
  7. INV : Debug Trace = Yes
  8. INV: Debug Level = 11
  9. INV : Debug File (including complete path) = /usr/tmp/invdebug.log (can be any file name – make it easy for the DBA to find)
  10. PO: Enable SQL Trace for Receiving Processor = Yes

You should completely log out of the application and log back in again to enable the changes to the FND profile options. Retry the failing transaction. It may appear to be successful, but remember that you have changed the processing mode away from Online. The Receiving Transaction Processor will have run in the background and errored. (You can verify this by going to View> Requests.)

Ask your DBA to retrieve the file for you.

You should be able to open it with a text editor such as Notepad. It will be long, so I suggest you do a search on theĀ  word “error” until you find something that looks useful. See the example below:

[18-MAR-09 07:51:54] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.Populate_Temp_Table: Calling QP:Bulk insert routine…
[18-MAR-09 07:51:54] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.Populate_Temp_Table: No. of records inserted in QP_PREQ_LINES_TMP=2
[18-MAR-09 07:51:54] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.get_transfer_price: Initializing control record…
[18-MAR-09 07:51:54] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.get_transfer_price: Calling QP:Price Request routine …
[18-MAR-09 07:51:55] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.get_transfer_price: Populating QP results …
[18-MAR-09 07:51:55] INV_INTERCOMPANY_INVOICING: MTL_QP_PRICE.Populate_Results: Status_Code=IPL Status_Text=Item 82-00004419 and uom EA not on pricelist
[18-MAR-09 07:51:55] GET_TRANSFER_PRICE: Error from get_transfer_price_for_item

We can see that, in this instance, the receipt failed because of a price list error. (It is a receipt of an intercompany dropship order and the item was missing from the intercompany price list.) Most likely, your error will be quite different, but you can find it by following the same steps.

Make sure that you revert the profile option settings once your troubleshooting is complete.