Oracle jumps into the SaaS market with SaaS Sourcing

Oracle jumps into the SaaS market with SaaS Sourcing | Technology and the Global Supply Chain | Interesting to see that this is Oracle’s first foray into SaaS outside of the Seibel CRM products. Oracle ERP salespeople tended to point customers towards the embedded Sales product; On Demand people touted their product. It will […]

Oracle Applications on Windows 7

My geek nature meant that I had to try Windows 7 Beta on at least one of my computers. I can’t say I was as down on Vista as most people who leave comments online, but 7 seems to be a great leap forward. I like it. Getting the apps to run on Windows 7 […]

Oracle Applications on Windows Vista

I bought a new laptop about a year ago and had Vista installed. I showed up at the client site the following Monday and spent the better part of a day trying to get Oracle to come up. Nothing I tried worked. That night, 3 days after the laptop arrived, I “upgraded to a previous […]

SQL is my Friend

I think I’m a functional consultant with just enough technical knowledge to make himself very, very dangerous! I’ve always been in awe of my developer friends and always will be. For many years I thought they practised some form of witchcraft. What you don’t understand always seems like magic, doesn’t it? After several years of […]

Adventures in Lead Times

I was working at my first client, a contract electronics manufacturer, in Ft Lauderdale, FL in the late 90’s and was responsible for implementing MRP. I was trying to figure out why I was getting wierd suggestions from my planning runs and didn’t find the documentation to be very helpful at all. This was back […]

Welcome to the Blog

Hi. I’m Dave Ireland, Principal at TheAppsFactory. We’re an Oracle Applications consulting company based in Lafayette, Colorado. My experience is in all things non-Financial. I’ve consulted in the CRM, Supply Chain and Manufacturing areas for over ten years. I’m a very happy geek who loves his chosen profession! TheAppsFactory Blog has been around for around […]