Auto-hiding the Receipt Header

If you enter header information on all of your receipts, having the header pop up when you enter the Receipts form makes sense. If you don’t – and I’ve found this to be the case for the vast majority of my clients – then the pop-up is an annoyance. This is a personalization we built […]

Want to find out if your buyers are overriding Program/Blanket Agreement Pricing?

My current client has negotiated pricing for the vast majority of their purchases. On entering an Oracle PO, the negotiated pricing defaults as soon as the item is entered on the PO. The buyer does, however, have the option of overriding this price. We were asked to develop a query that the internal auditors could […]

Warning for Zero Dollar Purchase Orders

It’s an easy thing to do to forget to enter a line price on a PO and go ahead and approve it. This personalization pops up a warning to the user if they try to save or approve a PO with a price that differs significantly from the current average cost: The personalization steps are […]

Outside Processing Assembly Information on Purchase Order

Oracle’s Outside Processing functionality is really slick – no doubt about it – but it lacks one important element in my opinion. There’s nowhere on the Purchase Order that a buyer can see which assembly the outside processing operation is being performed on. It is possible to have an outside processing item for every assembly […]

R12 and IE8

In some cases, I’ve found that Oracle Applications won’t open the forms in IE8. I’ve been able to fix this by going to IE8’s Internet Options> Local Intranet> Sites> Advanced. Add the site for your application instance to the list of sites and you should be good to go.

Oracle Applications on Windows 7

My geek nature meant that I had to try Windows 7 Beta on at least one of my computers. I can’t say I was as down on Vista as most people who leave comments online, but 7 seems to be a great leap forward. I like it. Getting the apps to run on Windows 7 […]

Oracle Applications on Windows Vista

I bought a new laptop about a year ago and had Vista installed. I showed up at the client site the following Monday and spent the better part of a day trying to get Oracle to come up. Nothing I tried worked. That night, 3 days after the laptop arrived, I “upgraded to a previous […]

SQL is my Friend

I think I’m a functional consultant with just enough technical knowledge to make himself very, very dangerous! I’ve always been in awe of my developer friends and always will be. For many years I thought they practised some form of witchcraft. What you don’t understand always seems like magic, doesn’t it? After several years of […]