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R12 and IE8

In some cases, I’ve found that Oracle Applications won’t open the forms in IE8.

I’ve been able to fix this by going to IE8’s Internet Options> Local Intranet> Sites> Advanced. Add the site for your application instance to the list of sites and you should be good to go.


Welcome to the Blog

Hi. I’m Dave Ireland, Principal at TheAppsFactory. We’re an Oracle Applications consulting company based in Lafayette, Colorado. My experience is in all things non-Financial. I’ve consulted in the CRM, Supply Chain and Manufacturing areas for over ten years.

I’m a very happy geek who loves his chosen profession!

TheAppsFactory Blog has been around for around 18 months, but was disconnected from the main website. After a suggestion from a website reader, who wanted to leave a comment on one of the posts, I decided to combine the blog and the website.

I want to use the blog to post tips, tricks and workarounds that I come across as I work with my clients. Comments and contributions are eagerly solicited!